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Purple Love Grass

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Botanical Name:
Eragostis Spectabilis

Hardiness Zone:
Zone 3-10

Mature Height:
2-3 ft

Mature Width:
1 ft

Growth Per Year:
2-3 ft

Light Requirement:
full sun

Soil Requirement:
moist to slightly dry

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Purple Love Grass - Tridens Flavus Cupreus

The Beauty of Purple Love Grass
Purple Love Grass is a type of ornamental grass that is native to areas with sandy soil. It can be found naturally in the wild in Maine, Texas, Florida and most other American states where sand and rocky terrain are present. Because of its ornate nature, Purple Love Grass makes a perfect complement to your garden during the hot and dry summer months. It is incredibly drought-tolerant, so the grass can be dry as a bone and still look gorgeous. It spreads anywhere from one to two feet across and one to two feet high, so it's ideal for those barren spots in your landscape or garden where nothing else will grow. The Purple Love Grass plant gets its name because of its beautiful, lush purple-reddish growth that is present from June through August.


When planting Purple Love Grass, it's best to find a sunny spot that has good drainage. Plant the grass about a foot apart to allow it to grow to its full potential and to prevent the grass from becoming lodged. Proper soil drainage is necessary because the grass can get root rot if the roots are allowed to sit in water for too long. For this reason, many people steer clear of more productive and more organic soils that hold onto moisture and avoid using mulch as often as possible. Mulch is a natural water absorbing material and will rot out the grass quickly if it's allowed to sit among the wooden chips. Purple Love Grass does well in American zones 5 through 9.


One particular place that Purple Love Grass can be found is in Arizona and New Mexico. Arizona is a dry and hot state where most plants will not thrive or grow at all. However, because of the drought-tolerant and hardy nature of the Purple Love Grass, it does well in rock gardens and in the pure sand where rain is scarce, and water is a luxury. Choosing a high-quality Purple Love Grass is essential when looking for years of regrowth and beautiful foliage.

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Purple Love Grass is a native grass to the U.S. The grass can grow its entire maturity in one year. The blooming season for the purple love grass is from late summer to early fall. The distribution of the seeds is done by the wind blowing. The grass is an orange-reddish color.