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Purple Phacelia

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Purple phacelia (Phacelia bipinnatifida) is a biennial plant that blooms mid-spring and is known for its gorgeous lavender flowers.

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Purple Phacelia

Purple phacelia is a beautiful lilac flower that is subtle and lilac and lavender flowers, and they release a distinct, pleasing aroma that makes any nature lover smile. You may often see bees charmed by the smell of these flowers as well as they buzz around the delightful blossom. Many people all over America have chosen to put these plant into their garden because they can rest assured the purple phacelia will burst into bloom annually. This wildflower can also mass naturally, and when that occurs they look majestic!

These flowers grow in the south-east region of the country but hey have also been seen in Seward Alaska, Phoenix Arizona, Huntington Arkansas, Portland Oregon, Omaha Nebraska, Richmond Texas, and many parts of California and even Northern Mexico. And they need an average amount of water to thrive. As long as you do not over water them and you give them some sunshine they will grow. You can even grow them all year round be aware that the sun exposure is recommended to be Sun to Partial Shade. Their blooming season is Late Spring to Early Summer. The flowering season lasts for up to five long months. They also attract beneficial insects like parasitic wasps because the flower provides the wasps with both pollen and nectar. They are actually in the top 20 flowers for producing flowers. These flowers are lovely because it is low maintenance and pest do not like the flowers. This flower is also disease free!

In conclusion, fresh flowers can improve the quality of your home and the quality of your health. Purple phacelia decreases negativity in the room while uplifting your happiness at the same time. They also reduce the effects of depression and anxiety. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get your purple phacelia flowers today and start planting!