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Rabbiteye Blue Berry

Rabbiteye Blue Berry

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Rabbiteye Blueberry - Vaccinium Virgatum


Rabbiteye Blueberries are beautiful blueberry bushes that are very attractive and a treat to eat. These bushes are compact, so not that much space is needed, like fruit trees. They also come in various shades. They have shades of red and orange in the fall which make for great ornamental features. However, they are ripe and ready eat in the winter when most or all of the leaves have dropped. During the spring, they bud into small white flowers with an urn shape and clustering prettily along the branches. During this time, pollen and nectar are provided for bees and other insects. Afterwards, the color changes to green when it's not ripe, then pink, and lastly, blue when it's at its ripest in the winter.

Other Attributes

Other attributes of these fantastic plants are as follows:

Hardy Planting Zone- it's located in Southeastern US especially in Louisiana.

Mature Height- it can go up to 15 feet.

Soil Requirements- this plant I well adapted to the climate and the soil of Louisiana. Thus, they are prone to soil that is acid and grows best with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. Also for cross-pollination, more than one rabbiteye blueberries' cultivar is needed.

Growing Speed- they grow quickly where they can bud in the spring with white flowers and changes colors until they are fully ripe in the winter.

Uses in Landscaping- as mentioned before, these rabbiteye bushes are very attractive, and when they are a red or orange shade, they are ornamental. They also can compact so they can be grown in containers and home landscapes. They don't take much space; they are low maintenance in that they don't require much spraying for disease and insect control.