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Red Crepe Myrtle

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Latin Name- Lagerstroemia Indica Hardy Planting Zone-6-9 Mature Height- 15-25 Width- 10-20 Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Partial Sun

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Red Crepe Myrtle

The Red Crepe Myrtle is a stunning flowering tree that is just beautiful no matter where it is planted. This plant can be considered a significant shrub or a small tree. They will also accept trimming well if a smaller size is desired. These are easy to grow and very hardy. They do adapt well to most soil types but prefer moisture with good drainage available. These are deficient maintenance plants and will not require much effort on the part of the gardener to keep them looking great.


Red Crepe Myrtle

The Red Crepe Myrtle is a summer flowering, deciduous tree. This is a favorite southern tree due to its easy maintenance and tolerance to dry conditions that reach even 100 degrees. Its attractiveness is only further enhanced by its extended flowering period through the summer. Large groups of brilliant red flowers appear early in the summer and continue their showy display well into the fall. After the flowers fall, brown seed pods remain giving the tree winter interest as well. The bark also proves to be an exciting point in your garden. It peels away during the winter showing off beautiful grey and brown shades hidden underneath. These beauties are also popular hedge choices and when planted in groups can give you an exciting and stunning focal point or border year round.


Climate Zone: 6 to 10


Mature Height: 10 to 20 feet


Mature Width: 6 to 8 feet


Sunlight: full sun


Soil Conditions: moist and widely adaptable


Botanical Name: 'Lagerstroemia indica "Rubra


Red Crepe Myrtle, a magical canopy
Your house becomes more and more your home as you add your personal touches. As life changes, those personal touches change. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and your family is a beautiful yard.


As you come home, seeing the landscaping you designed and that you and your family work on can make the day’s stresses melt away in an instant.


Adding stunning, brilliant Red Crepe Myrtle trees to complement the greenery will make your yard and garden pop from the end of the street. That bright canopy sitting high above your lawn adds a dimension to your yard, gives it surprising depth. With Red Crepe Myrtle growing in your yard, you’ll feel like you’re in a magical land of your creation.


Red Crepe Myrtles grow up to 25 feet and offer a 20-foot canopy of crimson that blankets the sky over your yard. They’re drought tolerant and mildew, pest, and disease resistant. Their beauty comes alive in the Spring and continues to grace your yard through the summer months. They grow well in zones 7 through 9, enjoy full sun, are hardy down to 10° F, and reach their full height in about ten years.


It’s a treat to step outside in the evening to water and tend your plants. After a day at the grind, spending time in a beautiful place of your creation is about as good as it gets. Give yourself the joy of a bright, vibrant yard that excites you and warms your heart every time you see it. Enjoy the pride of ownership and creation that a well-landscaped yard can foster. Make it powerfully unique with Red Crepe Myrtle.


Give yourself the unequaled splendor of Red Crepe Myrtle trees. All our trees are shipped to the consumer in bare root form, helping to ensure that they arrive in excellent condition.