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Red Daylily

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Plant Name- Botanical Name - Red Daylily - Herbaceous Perennial Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Sun to Part Shade Mature Height - 12-20" Mature Width- 12-20" Bloom Season – Summer (June to August) Gardener Status- Beginner

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The Red Daylily

The red Daylily is one of the most brilliant blooming flowers. This midseason flowering plant is often referred to as a perfect perennial for its tolerance to drought, stress, and heat. These incredible red petaled plants can grow in most hardiness zones and take little maintenance.
Adding the red Daylily to a garden will add stunning color to other green vegetation or beautifully complement other flowering shrubs and plants. These plants will begin flowering in midsummer and reach up to 36 inches. Daylilies are also a naturally spreading perennial which forms clumps measuring eighteen to twenty-four inches in diameter.
The red Daylily is the perfect choice for borders, as a ground cover or in perennial flower beds. They will grow in containers which can add color to a patio or deck, or spread out on a hillside or slope.
Full sun or partial sun will have the red Daylily thriving and blooming. These plants perform well in most soil types but do prefer a well-drained, fertile sand/silt/clay area. They can tolerate hot summers and humidity but will need extra waterings if the heat persists. By providing enough water, the plants will be able to retain their attractive leaves and continue to create incredible blooms. Their flowers last up to 24 hours and begin the day with morning buds opening and providing a day full of color, which is how they received the name of 'Daylily.'
When planting the red Daylily, it is best for the plant to be put in the ground in either early spring or late fall. Keep the Daylily strong and producing, by removing the dead blooms once they have wilted as well as the seedpods to encourage them to provide more flowers and retain their attractive appearance. In the fall the dead foliage should also be taken away.
These unusual flowering plants will not only provide gorgeous color to any yard or garden, but they will also attract color. Hummingbirds and butterflies love the red Daylily.

The red daylily is a sensational vivid red and breathtaking. The blossoms are accented with a deep plum color and have a lovely golden center. The edges have a frilled appearance, and the petals feel like the most elegant velvet. The throat of the flower is summer green and stands out among the flowers. The red daylily's flowers grow to a nice size and were made to add color and style to your garden. They bloom for several months and are extremely easy to care for. They will provide beautiful blooms in the brightest sun or the deepest shade. The red daylily has a prolific flowering ability and makes any garden a showcase.