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Red Maple Tree

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Latin Name- Acer Rubrum Hardy Planting Zone-3-9 Mature Height- 40-90 ft Width-20-25 Sun or Shade- Prefers Partial to Full Sun

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Red Maple Trees

The Red Maple is precisely what you would expect to see based on its name - a beautiful bright red tree. With most Red Maples, you will be able to see some red coloring throughout all four seasons. Winter brings the redbuds, while Spring shows off the beautiful red flowers. Summer brings red leafstalks and Fall returns a view of beautiful red leaf foliage. Some Red Maples, however, do not show off the red colors. Instead, the colors are yellows or orange. The best way to be sure you are planting the intensity of Red Maple you want is to pick your tree during the fall months when the leaves are brightly bloomed and showing off their colors.
The Red Maple grows hardily in zones 3 through 9 making it a favorite tree that can be seen all over the United States. It requires soil that is acidic, moist, rich, a bit sandy, and wet. While Red Maples can tolerate a slight drought, they do need a certain amount of water and moisture to keep them thriving. Red Maples grow anywhere from 13 to more than 24 inches a year and average mature height of 40 to 60 feet, with a spread of 40 feet.
Red Maples do have thick, healthy roots that can often grow near or above the surface. They produce fruit, called samaras that many wildlife animals love to feed.
Red Maples are a beautiful tree to add to any landscaping, providing a splash of bright color no matter what time of the year it may be. Red Maples can also be tapped for syrup and sugar, although it is expected that they will not produce as much as a Sugar Maple tree may.


The Red Maple Tree is a superb tree to add to any landscape, lawn or garden. These trees will make an impressive statement, especially in autumn when the foliage becomes a vivid red color that stands out. These trees are fast growing trees and will grow about 3 feet a year. In the springtime, this tree will bloom with red flowers which are replaced with a seed pod. These seed pods look like little helicopters during the summer. These are very hardy trees and easy to grow because they will adapt so quickly to different types of soil. The do prefer moist, well-drained soils to grow best.


Beautiful Red Maple Trees
Red Maple Trees, also known as Soft Maple and Acer Rubrum, is one of the most often seen deciduous tree in North America. These trees are abundant and are usually located on the border of Ontario, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, and Newfoundland, Rhode Island. It originates from its family Aceraceae and is best known for its brilliant scarlet hue that takes place in autumn.


Beautiful Features
Several of the fantastic features the Acer ruburm possesses includes the ability to transform colors with the season. The variable in the forms of leaves is due to the several pigments that are embedded within the sheets. Those pigments reflect green, orange, and red light. The leaves use the energy produced by the dyes to assist with the development and plant growth.


Height, Width, and Growth
It is highly recommended to plant red maple trees in soil that has previously been moisturized. Once the tree has been maintained and matures, it can retain the height of 15 m (49 ft) and becomes a medium to the large sized tree. The tree can adapt to different conditions. You can find this beautiful tree growing in swamps, dry soil, and harsh conditions. In a forest habitat, the bark will stay free of branches until it reaches a certain height. Its growth rate can exceed that of 2,500 feet starting at seas level. The most significant living red maple is located in Michigan and stands at an altitude of 125 feet.


Distinguishing Factors
The branches and leaves of the red maple make it very simple to separate it from its family. The twigs and branches will have leaves grow on the opposite side of them. The leaves are usually 6-10 cm long and 3-5 lobes wide. The leaves pattern can portray a variety of designs. The leaves do tend to transform into a brilliant and dazzling red in autumn.


The twigs are also red and are as brilliant as the leaves. The flowers that appear are typically uni-sexual. Male and female flowers will erupt in different clusters. The flowers tend to make an appearance during the spring season and come before the leaves. The flowers are red, oblong, and pubescent.


The fruit is born on a long stem and varies in different colors. The colors include light brown and red. The fruit will ripen during the time the flowers bloom and will remain longer. Once they reach a matured age, the seeds will separate and disperse until July.


Red Maple Benefits
The red maple tree has many benefits. Many homeowners tend to use them for shade during the summer. Lumber industries tend to use the wood for creating beautifully stained furnishings. Many sectors also produce maple syrup from the sweet sap it offers.


Proper Care
Proper upkeep and maintenance of deciduous tree will only enhance and accentuate its excellent qualities. Do not water it frequently, merely moisturize the soil, trim, and spray for bugs.