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Red Oak Trees

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Oak Trees

Oak trees sit on hill sides and along roadways. Very few people have not spent a summer’s day sitting under the mighty oak tree. They are strong and can survive for years. The varieties are Pin oak trees, Willow oak trees, Red oak trees and White oak trees. People associate these big trees with the many things in their lives. Somehow ther is always an Oak to ring that memory. Whether it was a first dance or a walk on a snowy evening trees remingd the world of many things. 

White Oak Trees are very much a part of the terrain. Settling all over the eastern North American continent terrain the mighty oak grows and far north as Quebec and as far South as Florida. Towering over the earth for centuries these trees are sometimes used as landmarks. The leaves are wide and turn a lovely shade of brown in the fall, helping to create a lovely panorama of color during the fall months. People travel for miles just to get a glimpse of this beautiful setting these trees help to create. 

Pin Oak trees are an adaptable plant. It grows in the eastern US as well but is not natural to the heat of Florida. The tree has adapted to cooler parts of Australia rather nicely. The lower limbs of this tree pull down toward the earth as the tree grows and the circumference of the tree might reach tree feet but the height is exceptionally tall. This tree is not as long living as the White Oak lives only 120 years but grows easily in wetland climates. The Pin Oak Tree makes great firewood and is primarily used for building material. 

The Willow is a tree seen through the United States. Branches heavy with willowy leaves hang close to the ground as if it is crying.The Red oak is a strong tree, easy to grow and does a great job of diverting traffic noise. Seen in large numbers along city streets the Red Oak trees are a favorite. 

All varieties are flow with shady leaves and big branches. Swings hang from their strong limbs and many creatures find refuge and food in their branches. Oaks hold back stormy winds and rain from homes and create beauty giving communities a feeling of stability and longevity. All Oak trees whether they are Willow Oak Trees or White Oak trees, they are popular plants and common to the environment. The air is cleaner with these trees in it to absorb the pollution placed into the air. 

These trees are used for construction purposes and they are sed for fire. Protecting animal life and fertilizing the soil are olnly a few of the other products this tree produces. The tree also keep soil eroision down in places where land is prone to wash away from flooding. More people than ever before are planting the oak, realizing how important trees are to the environment. trees are good for beauty and for the survival of natures natuural canopy.