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Red Weigelia

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Latin Name-Weigela Florida Hardy Planting Zone-3 - 9 Height: 3 - 9 ft Width: 9 - 12 ft Prefers Full Sun

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Red Weigelia - Weigelia Florida


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Red Weigelia Shrubs – Weigela


Red Weigelia Shrubs have been a favorite of garden enthusiasts for a long time, and are a member of the honeysuckle family. The shrub grows at a moderate to fast rate of twelve to eighteen inches per year, and reach a spectacular height and width of six feet. They are shaped a lot like a vase and bloom twice every year. This shrub grows best in a Hardiness Planting Zone of 4 to 8. The Red Weigelia Shrub will adapt to almost any type of soil but excels when the soil is well-drained. The shrub will thrive with just average watering, and this delightful shrub should be planted in a bright, sunny area.


The Red Prince Weigela makes an exquisite border next to a home, is delightful when planted right near the front door, and requires very little care. Placing several of these shrubs next to each other is an excellent way to achieve privacy, and their attractive foliage and flowers make them a beautiful border for any garden.


The flowers have a trumpet shape and bloom in breathtaking and vibrant shades of red. The 1.5-inch flowers cover the shrub in brilliant color and will remain for weeks. Each blossom radiates beauty and strange glow and is very pleasing to the eye. When the flowers first bloom the colors have a remarkable intensity. The shrub demands attention when in full bloom, but even when it is not thriving, maintains a lovely appearance. The power of the scarlets and reds is certain to draw attention to any home.


The blossoms of the Red Prince Weigela will attract both hummingbirds and butterflies who flutter in delight in the garden. They come to enjoy the delicious nectar of the flowers. The shrub provides excellent shade and is perfect when placed on a picnic or lounging area. This shrub should be planted anywhere a dramatic and bold statement is necessary.


The Red Weigelia is a gorgeous plant to have around any on any landscape. With the crimson red color and the lush green leaves, it makes a great accent anywhere.