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River Birch Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Betula Nigra Hardy Planting Zone- 4-7 Mature Height- 40-70 ft Width-15-25 Sun or Shade- Full to Partial Sunlight

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River Birch Stakes – Betula Nigra

River Birch Live Stakes is a self-mulching tree, and it’s beautiful, easy to care for and will be a topic of conversation around your home for years to come. That tree is the River Birch.

The River Birch grows well in zones 4 through 7 and can reach heights of 40 to 70 feet. A few in the wild have been measured up to 100 feet, so if you have a competitive streak, nature awaits.

Their native range includes New Hampshire west to southern Minnesota, and Northern Florida, west to Texas. Being flood and disease resistant as well as drought tolerant, they adapt well to drier areas.

It’s often used for erosion control as it loves river banks. A wide variety of birds eat its fruit in the late spring, and some waterfowl use the tree for nesting.

The bark on the River Birch is unique. This is where the self-mulching comes in. On young trees, the bark is thin with free layers that curl back and shed to land around the tree. The bark is a weed deterrent and works well to keep moisture from evaporating around its base.

For the homeowner with a taste for new foods, it might be fun to know that the sap has been used much like Maple sap is to sweeten foods. Groups of Native Americans have used it as survival food in the past.

The 40 to 60-foot canopy shades the lawn with glossy green leaves that have a silvery white underside. As the River Birch matures, the bark darkens to a creamy cinnamon brown. The elegant trunk can grow as a single stem or multiple stems that grow together.

The growth rate of a River Birch can be from 13 to 24 inches per year. If you want some deep, gorgeous shade ornamental trees to grace your yard, River Birch Live Stakes are the way to get started.


River Birch Stakes are high for a large lawn and will provide lots of shade when fully mature. This tree also loves exceptionally wet conditions and will grow very well. This tree will add that much-needed curb appeal to your home and will also attract a wide variety of wildlife to your lawn.