Romantic Gifts In Roses

5th Dec 2012

Jasmine, white roses are beautiful flowers that not only make a romantic gift, but the sight of these flowers makes quite a sight around your house and indoors. Jasmine, white roses match nicely for the winter, and you can grow these pure, white roses during the cold season. Stop by your local nursery to get the best tips and nurturing ingredients to keep your white roses alive and thriving. Jasmine, white roses are usually an accessory for wedding brides and make for great tea and pleasing aromas for bath soaps and perfumes. This is a great alternative if you do not like scented candles; many scented candles contain lead and when breathed in long enough can be detrimental to your health.

There are organic, scented candles, but many stores do not carry them so growing jasmine, white roses in your home is a safer alternative in providing a lavish fragrance in your home. When you learn the ropes of growing jasmine, white roses in your home, you can even turn your roses into scented potpourri to further liven your place. Like any other plant, the best time to grow jasmine, white roses is in the spring and summer. During those months, use low-nitrogen, liquid fertilizer once a month.

If you want an in-house winter rose décor, be sure that your roses are in a moist area in order to grow properly. It is hard to remedy this since you will have the heat on during the winter so be sure to segregate your plant in a room with a humidifier while your roses are in the growing stage. You can place your roses anywhere in the house with the heat on, but spray mists of water on your roses regularly to keep them moist and so they can absorb water. If possible, keep your house below 65 degrees. Like any other household plant, jasmine, white roses need regular watering and sunshine. You can place your roses by the window sill for sunlight. During the proper sunny seasons, place your roses out in the sun for an hour or two of direct, sun exposure then gradually expose them to more direct light. Jasmine, white roses require lots of sun and attention.

Jasmine, white roses are beautiful in sight and can contribute a pleasing aroma that will add warmth and vibrancy to your house. Visitors will be impressed to see such beautiful spirea decorated around your home during the winter months and can even accentuate your Christmas décor. Like any other plant, jasmine, white roses takes some time and effort to grow, especially if you are nurturing them during the winter months, but these roses are no different than taking care of ordinary plants and the success in breeding such roses are sure to leave you breathless as your white roses contribute a new form of beauty to your house.