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Royal Fern

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Royal Fern – Osmunda regalis Hardy Planting Zones- 3-10 Sun or Shade – Sun, Part Shade, Shade Mature Height - 2-5’ Mature Width- 2-4’ Bloom Season – Non-flowering Gardener Status- Beginner

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Royal Fern - Osmunda Regalis

The royal fern also is known as osmunda regalis, and the flowering fern is an elegant addition to wet areas along ponds, streams, water gardens, bog, shaded borders, woodland gardens, wild gardens, and native plant gardens. This non-flowering plant has a unique texture, and structure that are striking to the eye. The royal fern is tall with broad fronds that have large well-separated leaflets. Spring, Summer, and fall is its best time for growing, its fronds usually turn yellow to brown in autumn. Bead-like spores are found in bunches at the tips of the fronds.
The royal fern is best grown in mostly shaded medium to wet soil but also well drained. It thrives in moist, fertile, acidic soil but may adapt to a lesser condition if there is consistent moisture. While the royal fern prefers a colder climate, it can tolerate the strength of the sun with lots of water keeping the soil moist all throughout the day.
The royal fern is resistant to the damage of browsing rabbits and deer. When growing to make sure to allow plenty of room for growth, it may reach 4-6 feet in height, 2-3 feet spread, and 18in in spacing. Most ferns grow slowly so it may take several years to reach its maximum size. Location and plenty of shade all throughout the day are essential for healthy growth. Royal ferns need deficient care making them easy to grow, keeping this plant lively won’t be much of a hassle. They are also pest, and disease free, making these plants very kid friendly.
The royal fern is an attractive addition to any part of a garden, with its variety of textures, colors, sizes, and shapes there is a stunning fern to fit any need, want, or desire. When buying a royal fern, there are usually two sizes available: bare root with tubes, and 3.5-inch pots. This deciduous plant is just as splendid as its name.


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The majestic Royal Fern is tall and attractive deciduous plants that occur naturally along streams and hillside bluffs. It features gorgeous non-flowering foliage. The Royal Fern is resistant to pests and makes a beautiful addition to all garden types; provided shade is available. A natural way to add beauty and organization to wet, boggy areas. In the fall, this ferns frond faded to a yellowish-brown. Commonly referred to as the flowering fern, this resilient plant gives rise to high brown clustering spores in the summer.