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Saw Tooth Oak

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Sawtooth Oak Tree- Quercus Acutissima



The Sawtooth Oak is a favorite shade tree that can survive a variety of climates and regions including hardiness zones 5 through 9.

In the springtime, the leaves will put on a display of colors ranging from yellow to a golden yellow color. In the summer season they will display a bright green color, and then they will change again in the fall to golden brown and orange. It's extremely popular as a shade tree for its long reach.

You can expect this tree to grow swiftly reaching an average height of 40 feet – 60 feet. The Sawtooth Oak grows at a reasonably quick rate between 12 to 24 inches a year until it reaches full maturity. For the plant's success, it is encouraged to grow this tree in an area where it will receive at least six straight hours of sunlight.

Now, while this tree has some drought tolerance, it needs its fair share of water. Don't let the ground stay dry for too long if you have to at all. It's most successful in loamy, acidic, well-drained, sandy and clay soils.

You don't have to worry too much about the plant stressing out; the Sawtooth Oak transplants very easily. It will develop oblong bristle like leaves as it matures which can grow up to 7 1/2 inches long at maturity.

Expect the Sawtooth Oak to develop acorns that are about 1 inch in length, and also expect to see a great deal of activity with wildlife like squirrels, wild turkeys, and birds.

As it grows, it will start off in the shape of a pyramid, but it will round out as it develops. In 1862 this tree was introduced to America but was native to Japan, China, Korea and the Himalayan mountain range.

The name Sawtooth comes from the saw-like edge on the leaves of the Quercus Acutissima. This tree will make a lovely addition to a part of your property that will benefit the most from shade and interaction with wildlife.