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Sawdust Mulch – 3 Gallon Bags

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Sawdust Mulch – 3-gallon bags


Sawdust mulch is an excellent product to use around any flower bed, flowers, shrubs or trees. The sawdust is 100% groundwood shavings that provide lots of nutrients to any flower bed. The mulch is compacted into a 3-gallon bag and packaged tightly so that you get a full 3 gallons of mulch compared to some companies who wrap theirs with more air and trash than complete, clean product. We strive in making sure the customer is happy with their product.

Sawdust Mulch, the best choice for the long-term
Sawdust mulch is the ecologically sound choice. You can use it most anywhere. Along with a bit of nitrogen, You'll build better soil. Sawdust mulching makes for great recycling.


Sawdust mulch comes in a wide variety of colors and shades, from a pure yellow Pine, through the vibrant red of Cedar, to mulches that have been dyed with natural colorings, there’s mulch for every need.


Anywhere you have acid-loving plants, such as tomatoes, blueberries, and rhododendrons, sawdust mulch is ideal. If they love heat, a darker mulch is just the ticket.


Lay down a thick layer of sawdust mulch after weeding. Maintaining the bed will be a breeze afterward. Walnut mulch is best, but any sawdust mulch can make a difference. It’s a great way to minimize weeds on garden paths.


Speaking of pathways, you don’t need pavers if you’ve got plenty of sawdust. It’s an inexpensive, good-looking, natural solution. Start with a thoroughly cleaned and prepared pathway and pack in a thick blanket of sawdust mulch.


If you’re concerned about slugs or rotting fruit, a coarser sawdust mulch, such as shavings can be just the ticket. A minimal thickness for sawdust mulch is two inches, but you can pack it up to four inches, or more for the coarser stuff. Just be sure to get that mulch all the way to the stems.


Erosion is easily handled with sawdust mulch. It slows the water and makes it soak in rather than washing topsoil away. Evaporation is the other challenge proper mulching can control.


One of the most significant benefits of mulching with sawdust is the long-term condition of your soil. You will be creating a rich, black, fertile, nutrient-rich loam. Your yard is going to love you for it.


Sawdust mulch is inexpensive, easy to get, and will keep on giving back to the soil for years to come.