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Silvery Glade Fern

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Botanical Name - Silvery Glade Fern - Deparia acrostichoides Hardy Planting Zones - 3-8 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 24-36" Mature Width - 24-30" Bloom Season – Summer Gardener Status - Beginner

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Silvery Glade Fern

The Advantages Of Planting Silvery Glade Ferns

Silvery Glade Fern - Deparia acrostichoid

The Silvery Glade Fern also knew as Silvery Spleenwort is a perennial plant which is easy to grow and is a deer resistant fern. They are mainly found in the eastern United States, Canada, China, Japan, Korea and Russia. The Silvery Glade Fern needs well-drained sandy soil or humus soil. They require moisture but can tolerate drought if a moist and damp soil is provided. Great for those humid climates with low rain and has hardy planting zone of 3-8. They grow in wetlands, cold climates, wet and shady areas. Silvery Glade Fern can be found growing in woodlands, near streams, on the bottom of rocky canyons and underlying bedrocks. Silvery Glade ferns have beautiful long green fronds that can slowly grow up to have a 4 feet spread and 2 feet height given the right conditions. The long fronds have leaflets on them that are arranged alternately along the central stalk of the fern. The name Silvery Glade fern comes from the silvery sheen that arises from the underside of its long fronds which is caused by its germinating spores. The Silvery Glade can be used as an elegant understory for shady beds or wooded areas. They prefer indirect light for the production of edible quality leaves. They give a dramatic look when used in landscaping on lawns and gardens. They work well when placed on raised beds to provide proper aeration. They look brilliant when contrasted with brightly color flowers. Since the Silvery Glade Fern has a large spread, they make an excellent groundcover for a rocky area on the lawn or garden. They can also be used to mark a border to go along a sidewalk or path. They also add color when added to foliage because of the silvery shine on them. The Silvery Glade Fern gives a natural look with very little maintenance.

The heat from the sun will cause them to dry out and die. Can tolerate drought as long as they have shade. Can grow in cold climates. The leaves or fronds are green with a hint of silver to them. Will stand out. Grow singles or groups.