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Smooth Sumac

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Latin Name- Rhus Aromatica Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 2-20 ft Width- 10-15 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade

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Smooth Sumac – Rhus Glabra

 Smooth Sumac is a shrub that grows wildly in fields and roadsides. It is one of the most recognizable shrubs that grow in North America. Although it originated in Missouri, the Smooth Sumac can now be found growing from Quebec, Canada, and south to Florida and Arizona and well as northeastern Mexico. Native Americans used to make a root and leaf tea from the Smooth Sumac shrub to treat diarrhea and mouth ulcers. The leaves were also smoked as a treatment for asthma. Smooth Sumac and be planted by using either seeds or cuttings from the root. Known as a significant and spreading shrub, it will usually grow to be between eight and fifteen inches tall. The branches are hairless with a wax coating. The Smooth Sumac's leaves, which number in 11-31 leaflets, are dark green and grow to be eighteen inches long. The leaves look very similar to fern leaves and turn red or bright orange in the fall. Flowers that range in color from yellow to green will bloom in late spring to early summer. The female plants produce fruiting, berry-like clusters that are typically eight inches long. The groups turn red in the fall and then begin to become a maroon to the brown color as the winter progresses. Some types of wildlife are attracted to the fruit of the Smooth Sumac. The Smooth Sumac grows in medium to dry moisture areas in part shade or full sun. It can tolerate just about any type of soil except for when the soil is poorly drained. The shrub has no severe disease or insect issues. It is best used in areas that are hard to cover and well as areas that have poor soil. Smooth Sumac will spread quickly, so it may not be suitable for borders.