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Soft-Stem Bulrush

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Botanical Name:
Scirpus Validus

Hardiness Zone:
Zone 5-9

Mature Height:
2-3 ft

Mature Width:
1 ft

Growth Per Year:
2-3 ft

Light Requirement:
full sun

Soil Requirement:
moist to slightly dry

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Soft Stem Bulrush – Scirpus Validus


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The Soft Stem Bul Rush is a plant that grows in wet settings, either in muddy, swampy areas or even submerged halfway underwater. They grow in large groups near bodies of fresh water.


These Bul Rushes are long and thin; they are just under an inch thick at their bases, and they thin out to a taper as you get closer to the tip of the plant, similar to most grasses. They have been known to grow as tall as ten feet, both in the wild and in garden settings.


The stems are semi-circular in shape and are quite soft, with almost a sponge-like texture to it, which is how it achieved the title of being a soft stem plant. This Bul Rush doesn't hold any leaves but does grow out of a few small sections at the base, known merely as sheaths. These sheathe protect the bottom of the plant.


The Soft Stem Bul Rush is medium to dark green with a grouping of seeds hanging close form the top of the stem. The seeds are small and clustered together with a spiked stem-tip at the center of the clusters. Each of the seeds is surrounded by white to yellow colored bristles. The Soft Stem Bul Rush blooms and grows best during the Spring and Summer months.


These Soft Stem Bul Rushes grow naturally all throughout the United States and even some parts of Mexico. They can be grown with relative ease in most gardens, as long as they are situated near a source of fresh water. They add a great sense of authenticity and a beautiful aesthetic vibe to any pond, especially when paired next to lily pads or even other varieties of Bul Rushes or grasses.


There is virtually no maintenance required when incorporating Bul Rushes into a garden or home setting. Keep the soil wet and allow them to receive as much sunlight as possible.


The Soft Stem Bulrush is very similar to Scirpus californicus. This bulrush supplies birds with food. It is very common in Florida. This bulrush will bloom all year. This bulrush grows in streams and around pounds. It will also do well in very wet soil conditions.