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Southern Yellow Pine Tree

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Southern Yellow Pine Tree - Pinus Rigida

Southern Yellow Pine trees, sometimes known as Ponderosa Pine trees, grow in the southern states, from New Jersey to Texas. Yellow pine refers to a variety of conifer trees in this area, including Longleaf pine, Shortleaf pine, Slash pine, or Loblolly pine. In this area, these trees grow abundantly, responding well to the red clay soil in this zone. Southern Pines is considered hardwood pines and they are often used for construction and newsprint, illustrating the strength of these natural beauties. The stunning grain of the wood lends itself to use as flooring and decks, as well. Southern Yellow Pines are good for larger yards, as they increase and are large. For instance, the loblolly pine can grow up to 115 feet, depending on soil, sun and other factors. As is with most pine trees, little maintenance is required to sustain these plants. They prefer good drainage and exposure to sunlight to thrive. The nutrient-rich soil is necessary for this vegetation. All Pine trees need little maintenance, growing well in a variety of climates, although ensuring an appropriate level of watering, depending on the environment, and slight pruning may be necessary to keep the trees healthy and healthy for many years. Planting can be done from seeds or small trees. Although healthy, it is essential to monitor for disease or bug infestations to allow for more vigorous trees. The needles from these trees do require removal if the homeowner wants plants or grass grown under the tree. Often planted for shade and protection from wind, these trees can be a beautiful and useful addition to any yard. Branches have been used as holiday decorations for many centuries, and the familiar smell of these trees can add a unique touch to your home and yard.



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The Southern Yellow Pine tree is found along the east coast because it loves the sandy soil. The bark stands out among the rest because it is a deep red color with scaly, rough patches. The trunks are thick and straight up with a canopy that rests high on top. This tree has pollen that lasts from July – August. The needles are green, thin and can be as long as 4 inches. This tree is grown in large patches or acres and let grown so that they can later be harvested for the timber. This tree is native from the eastern coast of North Carolina to Florida and over to Louisiana. 


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