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Spanish Moss

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Spanish Moss - Tillandsia Usneoides

Spanish Moss also is known by names as old man's beard, wool crape, Florida moss, and long moss. This is not a moss nor is it Spanish, it is a flowering plant. This specific type is found naturally in the Southern United States, Bahamas, South America, Central America, native to much of the Mexico region, and has also been naturalized in parts of Australia. The most common areas you will find it growing in the United States will be growing abundantly on the southern oak and the bald cypress tree. The plant is a sub-tropical plant; it grows in swamp's, lowlands, and along with many parts of southeastern United States. The plant has no roots, as in it is not taking nourishment from the tree it is hanging from, it has small brown, yellow, green, and sometimes gray flowers that you do not see quickly, these bloom for three to four months in spring and fall months. The plant is considered an epiphyte which gathers nutrients and water from the air and rainfall. The plant grows through a branching out system they are long and wiry the stem system can reach eight meters or more. The moss drapes over limbs of the trees, giving it a billowing beard action in the wind. Spanish moss needs humidity to thrive in, the wetter, the better. Spanish moss can make a beautiful addition to a tree since it does not hurt the tree that it lives on, giving a rustic, Gothic type of styling to an area. Spanish moss can be dried and added to arrangements of flowers as accent pieces. Spanish moss can be used as well as an excellent all natural mulch for gardens. The Native American tribes used the fibers of the moss to make bedding, horse blankets, and floor mats. There are even some tribes that used it for making dolls and artwork with, and there are many uses for Spanish Moss from establishing an area beautiful to using it in everyday arts and crafts.

Spanish moss is known for its gorgeous flowing and elegant look. It is well-known for growing the best on trees with long branches and trees that have flowers. It is a type of flowering plant but classified as a moss because of its name. It can grow long and adhere to anything or flow. It gives a unique look of elegance and beauty. As more homeowners are becoming preppers, they are using this type of moss as insulation for their homes and buildings.