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Spleenwort Fern

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USDA Climate: Three to Eight Tree Height: 6 inches to 1 foot 3 inches Tree Spread:10 inches to 1 foot 3 inches Soil Type: Acceptable to a variety of soil type-soil must be well drained. Sun Type: Partial Sun (low to high), the plant will grow in

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Spleenwort Fern

Spleenwort is the common name for a genus of ferns called Asplenium. This genus contains over 700 species of ferns. Spleenwort ferns were named for the old belief that they had some medicinal benefits to ailments of the spleen based on the spleen-shaped spores found on the back of the fern fronds. Most ferns are incredibly hardy and tolerate a wide range of climates, soil conditions, light availability, and water availability. One example of a spleenwort fern is the Asplenium platyneuron, commonly known as the ebony spleenwort. It is a small fern with pinnate fronds that have dimorphic leaves. It's been found throughout the eastern United States growing in woods and forests, at high altitudes, and sometimes colonizes rocks. The ebony spleenwort grows best in zones 4-8, but some other species can be grown in zones 3-9. This diverse group of ferns can improve any garden.