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Spreading Phlox

Spreading Phlox

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Spreading Phlox

Spreading Phlox Plant - Subulata
USDA Climate Zone: 3 - 9
Plant Height: 6 inches
Plant Width: 2 feet
Soil Type: Loose Medium Rich Soil
Sun: Full Sun To Part Shade

Spreading phlox is a perennial that is often called "mountain pinks." The fine, needle-like foliage produces five-pointed blossoms that appear in early spring. Shades of pink, purple, lavender, red and white provide an intense carpet of color. Just as the name implies, the plant's natural habit is trailing; therefore, it's popular in patio containers where the blooms spill and cascade over the sides.

Because this plant is almost maintenance-free, pest and disease resistant, it is a favorite for naturalizing road-bank plantings, rock-gardens, and edgings which give the area potential to explode in fresh spring hues. After the flush of color is fading, trim the tops to stimulate new growth.

Add some organic soil amendments before planting the new seedlings 18 to 24 inches apart, and water until they are established in their new environment. Then take a break and enjoy the visiting butterflies and hummingbirds that are attracted to the splendor of your efforts.