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Spruce Pine

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Spruce Pine Tree - Pinus Glabra

The Many Attributes Of Spruce Pine Trees
Spruce Pine Tree - Pinus glabra

Spruce Pine Trees often bring Christmas traditions to mind, with their graceful, conical shape. This virtual maintenance free, straight growing, evergreen trees, also known as the Walter Pine or White Bottom Spruce, gain up to 125 feet in their 100-plus year lifespan, although most specimens remain less than 100 feet tall. Their glossy, dark green needles grow up to four inches long in bundles of two. The three inch long, spherical cones develop after the tenth year, producing the most between the ages of twenty and forty. They begin to appear in February and March, with seed cones extending above pollen cones. The cones mature in their second year, release seeds in November, and then drop from the branches. The wood produced from this tree is brittle, limiting its commercial use. The Walter Pine does not typically grow in stands of the same species. It is naturally found scattered throughout the mixed hardwood forests and moist woodlands of coastal plains in southern states. To survive in this habitat, it has evolved more shade tolerance than other pines. Seedlings will do well if they are not planted in direct sun. This species of spruce prefers a poorly drained, acidic, sandy loam with lots of organic matter, where it can put down a long taproot. Grown near a stream or on a pine or spruce hummock, it should not require additional fertilizer. These conifers are thirsty trees and will benefit from a rainy climate or grow near a high water table. They do not tolerate drought. The Spruce Pine has very few natural pests and should thrive in USDA hardiness zones 7 - 9. These lovely evergreens are available from nurseries as seedlings, potted trees from two to eight years old, or mature trees that are planted with the use of heavy machinery.

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Spruce Pine Tree is a lovely pine that many uses for a border or hedge separating them from neighbors.  The Pine is a rapid grower and makes a great addition to any yard that is looking for some green color or just used as a border. If you have ever been to the beaches of North Carolina or South Carolina chances are you have seen woods lined with Spruce Pines.