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Square-Stem Spikerush

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Botanical Name:
Eleocharis Quadrangulata

Hardiness Zone:
Zone 2-9

Mature Height:
2 ft

Mature Width:
1 ft

Growth Per Year:
2 ft

Light Requirement:
full Sun

Soil Requirement:
Moist to dry

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Square-Stem Spikerush - Eleocharis quadrangulata

The elegantly-sounding Eleocharis quadrangulata, more commonly known as the Square-Stem Spikerush, or also the Four-Angled Spikerush, is a familiar species of spiked edge. These flowering plants from the sedge family were first found in eastern and central North America, with a growing zone that reaches from the Florida coast to southern Ontario, in Canada. The variant of spikerush is now also cultivated in parts of Oregon, California, and Mexico. The Square-Stem Spikerush is so-named for its box-like stem, several millimeters wide, that flowers into a single, spiked tip, or spikelet, reaching up to 7 and a half centimeters in length. The plant's spikelet is composed of several flowers with small leaf-like bracts, brown in color, growing over them. The stem of a Square-stem Spikerush has a spongy texture that can reach up to three and a half feet in height.

The grass-like plant, considered a perennial herb, is aquatic, growing in or near a variety of freshwater bodies. It is most commonly found along the water of the Mississippi River and is a protected plant in several northeastern states, such as Massachusetts and Connecticut. The Square-Stem Spikerush can colonize areas along the water's edge in substantial numbers, where its forest of stems harbors its ecosystem. Beneath the water, several invertebrate species live amongst the reedy stalks, while waterfowl and mammals feed on most parts of the spikerush. Deer avoid the plants, creating a safe nesting site for a variety of birds as well.

The Square-Stem Spikerush is easy to maintain, as long as there is a water source, and can multiply, covering a significant wetland zone in a just a few years, reaching full height in a single season. The hardy plant, adaptable to most soils, requires little maintenance but prefers water of a least 6 to 12 inches depth and does need direct sunlight.


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The grass will grow very well in moist and wet soil conditions. This is a very tough plant and can grow anywhere the soil is very moist.