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Staghorn Sumac

Staghorn Sumac

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Latin Name- Rhus Aromatica Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 2-20 ft Width- 10-15 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade
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Sumac Tree - Rhus Aromatica


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Staghorn sumac bares fruit that usually ripens in the June to September months. The staghorn sumac grows more than 3 feet in one year.  Staghorn sumac thrives in almost any soil it is planted.


The Staghorn Sumac is a deciduous tree that is native to North America. This tree is rather small in size and can sometimes be considered shrubs. This tree grows the best in the northeastern part of the United States and the southern parts of Canada. The width of the tree ranges from six to twelve inches. The tree ranges in size from fifteen to thirty-five feet tall and has long, green and thin leaves. The leaves are flat and compound. In the center of the branches are drupes are covered in reddish color hairs. These drupes are in the shape of a cone. In the winter the tree’s leave looks fuzzy like the fuzz on the antler of a deer.
The Staghorn Sumac is a fruit-bearing tree. The fruit will grow from May until September. The fruit can last thought the winter. The leaves of the tree turn red during the fall. This tree grows well in gardens, lawns, and in the forest. It can live in dry soil conditions. It grows well in the old field. It is one of the easiest trees to grow and does not require much care. However, it does require a lot of sunlight. The tree needs a lot of room to spread out and grow. It can also grow on hillsides and in rocky soil. This tree was once used by the Native American people to make a drink. Today people use the Staghorn Sumac to add a decorative touch to their lawn.