Staying on a Budget While Landscaping

5th Dec 2012

Staying on a budget while landscaping can be a simple task.  You will need to make a list of supplies and plants that you will need to complete your project.  Think of plants that come back each year like the phlox, snowball hydrangea or ferns. You will need to come up with an amount that you will spend on your entire project.  You can also shop around for the materials and find the best prices before purchasing.  A great place to buy your plants for your landscaping is online from an online plant nursery.  You will get the best prices when ordering from them and can also order in quantities.  You will need to stick to your plan and not go off of the plan and spend more than your budget will allow you.  Also check your storage building and garages before purchasing items.  You may have some of the items on your list left over from last year when you did landscaping.  Also make sure that the items you need to purchase is cost efficient and will not have to be replaced year after year.  You can use rocks as a border for your flower gardens instead of landscaping timbers.  Rocks will outlast landscaping timbers any day.  You will also need to check on the prices of mulch if you are planning on putting down mulch.  You will need to price it by the truckload and also by the bags, depending on what size area you need to cover.  You may come out cheaper purchasing it by the truckload.  You may also want to consider pine needles.  These are very cheap and will cover a lot of area.