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Swamp White Oak

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Latin Name- Quercus Bicolor Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 65-85 Width- 15-20 Sun or Shade- Prefers Partial Shade

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Swamp White Oak - Quercus bicolor

  • The Swamp White Oak is an exceptional variety of oak tree and is a beautiful addition to any yard, park, or garden. They grow an average of 12-14 inches per year, and once they are fully matured, they can reach heights of between 50 to 80 feet. These trees are at their best in the zonal range 4-8 making them exceptionally valuable in areas where temperatures reach below freezing and snow, and ice is ordinary. They also do best in acidic soil that is both moist and well-drained and are very tolerant of droughts and higher temperatures which lend highly to their ease of care. These beautiful trees are incredibly popular as shade trees and have medium-sized, dark green leaves and a lighter silvery-white underside; however, during the autumn is when these trees put on a show, with the leaves turning vibrant and radiant in a broad spectrum of colors, ranging from golden yellow to beautiful orange. In addition to their colorful leaves, the Swamp White Oak also possesses an attractive bark with a classic texture that is visually enticing, with younger trees having a peeled look to the bark that turns into an entrancing ridged pattern as the tree matures. They are a frequent choice for many families and landscapers because they produce fruit in the form of acorns that act as a vital food source for many different animals and as a result, they attract a large variety of wildlife such as squirrels, ducks, deer, and many different species of birds. They are famous and renowned for being incredibly easy to plant and maintain and are often used by cities to enhance parks, roadways, medians and many other public areas. These hardy trees live up to 350 years and, with very little maintenance, they are sure to provide a more naturalized look and incredible scenery for decades to come.

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The Swamp White Oak Tree is considered to be a slow-growing tree, only growing about 1 to 2 feet per year. This makes it a perfect tree for shade in the hot summer months. It will also have quite a long lifespan of over 300 years in some cases. This tree will produce acorns late in the summer and fall months that many varieties of wildlife find delicious. It is a very sturdy, healthy tree with a deep root system.