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Swamp Willow Live Stakes

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Botanical Name:
Salix Discolor

Hardiness Zone:
4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8

Mature Height:
15-25 ft.

Mature Width:
12-25 ft.

Growth Per Year:
3+ ft.

Light Requirement:
Full Sun

Soil Requirement:

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

SWAMP WILLOW STAKES – Salix Babylonica

The Swamp Willow, also known as the Black Willow, Gulf Black Willow, Scythe-leaved Willow, and Southwestern Black Willow is a hardy tree that can flourish in a variety of climates. The Swamp Willow is native to the eastern United States, Canada, and Mexico, but can also be found in unexpected places, like Utah, where it was introduced and now grows freely. The Swamp Willow's Latin name is Salix Nigra; Salix, meaning "leap," refers to the tree's rapid growth in the spring, and nigra means "black" and refers to its beautiful grey-black bark. The Swamp Willow has a wide spreading, shallow root system and so prefers full sun in wet to moist soils, but will tolerate dry soil. Because the Swamp Willow is dioecious, the appearance of its blooms depend on their sex, but both are uniquely striking. The Swamp Willow's bark is similarly unique, starting out smooth and then becoming deeply fissured and textured as it ages. Its leaves, too, set it apart because of their vibrant green color and unusual lance shape. The wood of the Swamp Willow is used commercially because of its light but robust nature. More commonly, the Swamp Willow is valued for its usefulness in erosion and flood control. It also attracts a multitude of wildlife--birds eat the Swamp Willow's buds and flowering catkins, deer eat its twigs and leaves, and rodents eat both bark and buds. Even the sap of the Swamp Willow attracts woodland critters, such as the yellow-bellied sapsucker, a type of woodpecker. The Swamp Willow is a relatively short-lived tree, which means that it grows quickly and often reaches maturity within 30 years. The trunk of the Swamp Willow is enormous, and regularly leaning and divided in the iconically beautiful form exclusive to willows. On average, the Swamp Willow grows to around 66 feet but can reach up to 138 feet in some areas.

Swamp Willow Live Stakes is a beautiful tree when fully grown. You will love watching the branches of this tree blow in the wind when there is a slight breeze blowing. They are lovely with their flowing branches.