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Sweet Flag

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Acourus Americanuis Climate Zone: 3-10 Mature Height: 4 Feet Mature Width: 1 Foot Sunlight: Full Sunlight

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Sweet Flag – Acourus Americanuis


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The sweet flag plant is a perennial. It is made up primarily of pairs of leaves that sprout from a firm base root. The yellow-green leaves reach vertically toward the sun and can grow to be up to five feet tall. The leaves are somewhat narrow and flat, coming to a sharp point. They have smooth edges which tend to be crimped or wavy. A distinctive feature of sweet flag grass is the presence of a spadix which grows out of the flower stem. It is a rounded cylinder that is solid and coated with small flowers which tend to be more yellow in hue than the leaves. The flowers are characterized by giving off a pleasant odor. Sweet flag is known to be hardy in USDA hardiness zones six through nine, although it is still generally considered robust enough for zones 5 through 11. The soil requirements for the sweet flag are quite minimal, it needs only average soil, as long as the ground is consistently moist. Sweet flag grows best under the full sun if the soil is wet enough, but can benefit from some shade in warmer climates. Sweet flag can also be grown in standing water if placed in a container and set in the water less than four inches deep. It is a slow spreading plant and can expand to a width of roughly two feet within five years. The name of the plant comes from it’s most distinguishing characteristic, the sweet aroma it emits when crushed. Whenever the leaves are stepped on or bruised by you, or wildlife, they will give off a sweet fragrance. As a marginal plant, one of its uses in landscaping is to spruce up the edge of your small pond, as it excels in growth near standing water. Sweet flag can also make great ground-cover or be a feature growing out of your little lake.

Sweet flag is a perennial plant. It will come back year after year. This plant will also do well in the wet ground and shallow water. The leaves on this grass are sword-shaped and grow a cylinder that will be covered with greenish-yellow flowers. The sweet flag will grow from late spring to early summer, and the blossom will last for around a month. When you crush the leaves of this grass, it will give off a pleasant fragrance.