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Sword Ferns

Sword Ferns

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 Sword Fern – Osmundastrum Cinnamomeum

 The sword fern is a lush, hardy, and practical plant that derives its name from the sword-shaped appearance of the leaflets on its fronds. This robust plant is the most versatile of all ferns and has a distinctive texture with its evergreen, leathery, serrated foliage. Vigorous clusters of gracefully shaped fronds radiate from a central base, making this evergreen plant a stunning accent to any landscape. The sword ferns grow anywhere from 3 to 5 feet with a spread of about 4 feet. They are highly resistant to diseases and pests and can be expected to live for several years. These plants are not fussy; they can adapt and grow in rich or poor soil, and although they grow best in shady conditions, they can thrive in the sun too, when given enough water. Since their rate of growth and size naturally adapts to their growing conditions, these plants are easy to grow in any landscape situation. When fully grown, the sword ferns are drought resistant, and one can get away without watering them at all. Additionally, the shade from the dense foliage of this plant deters the growth of weeds. Also, when planted on a slope, the intricate root system of the sword fern helps stabilize the bank and inhibits soil erosion. Its aesthetic appearance coupled with its resilient nature and need for low maintenance makes this plant is an all-around favorite of gardeners and landscapers. The sword fern not only provides an excellent ground cover for any garden but naturally imbues the garden with the lush feel of the woodlands with its year-round color. And while this plant does not boast of flashy colors, it adds an exquisite beauty to the garden by offsetting blooms with its rich foliage and subtle elegance. The sword fern is the perfect plant for anyone who wishes to create a head-turning display without having to spend hours to maintain it.