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Terrarium Garden Kit - 6 Live Plants, Live Moss , Soil - Just Add Critters & Moss!

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Creative Indoor Terrarium Ideas


Indoor terrariums are perfect for capturing the beauty of the outdoors on a small scale, in-home basis. They provide an excellent alternative to outdoor gardening for those who live in too-cold or too-hot climates. Even if the weather does not pose a challenge to outdoor landscaping, indoor terrariums are a reliable, low-maintenance way to liven any home's atmosphere. Moss is the # 1 staple for a terrarium, and we do have a few more ideas too.

The container in which the plants will grow and live should be glass; this allows them to get the appropriate amount of sunlight and also ensures easy viewing. A pair of long tweezers is an essential tool for reaching within a tall container to correctly position the plants. In addition to these two items and the plants themselves, a planting medium, gravel, and a section of fiberglass window screen are required for set-up. It is of critical importance that the amount of sunlight available to the plants be suitable for healthy living conditions within the terrarium.

The plant combinations for indoor terrariums are endless. However, it is more advised to select smaller plants. The Variegated Spider Fern, or the Arachnoides simplicior, only grows up to 16" tall and wide. This is a shade plant that thrives in high-humidity and USDA hardiness zones of 6-9. Its dense, compact green foliage adds an exotic and fuller appearance to indoor terrariums. Another easy option is the Nerve Plant, or the Fittonia verschaffeltii var. argyroneura. Reaching only 12" tall and wide at maturity, this is an ideal option for a terrarium. The Nerve Plant, listed with a hardiness zone of 10, possesses an intricate white design on its green leaves that visually enrich the terrarium environment. An additional low-light indoor terrarium option is the Variegata or the Peperomia caperata. At 6" tall and wide at maturity, the Variegata is an ideal ornamental addition to fill in small vacancies within a terrarium. Its hardiness zones are 11-12.