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Texas Sedge

Texas Sedge

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Botanical Name:
Carex Texensis
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 5-8
Mature Height:
4 m
Mature Width:
Growth Per Year:
4 m
Light Requirement:
full sun
Soil Requirement:
moist to normal
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Texas Sedge – Carex Texensis



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The Many Attributes Of Texas Sedge
Texas Sedge - Carex Texensis


Native to the central Texas area, Texas Sedge is a plant that is similar to lawn grass but requires minimal maintenance. Texas Sedge was first identified by author and planter, Scott Ogden, which is why many Texan natives refer to it as, "Scott's Turf." The plant needs such a small amount of upkeep, which is why many homeowners are drawn to planting it in place of a traditional lawn grass. Texas Sedge only requires a medium amount of watering, and it never needs to be mowed like regular lawns. It is adaptable to a variety of soils, which makes it a good fit for almost any type of ground. It also grows best in an environment which is one part shade, and one part sun, making it perfect to withstand outdoor conditions long-term.


One of the most popular ways planters makes use of Texas Sedge is by using it in exquisite landscape designs. This grass-like plant is known to frame bulbs and other bright flowers in the perfect manner. It also looks delicately fluid when planted along stone walkways. Paths that intercept Texas Sedge are also a good idea because the plant can only take light footwork, making it more ideal for the occasional walk-through. Providing visitors a pathway to conform to will ensure that your Texas Sedge does not dwindle too quickly.


Another benefit of Texas Sedge is how easy it is to move from place to place. Due to its tendency to grow at a rapid rate, many planters find themselves needing to move it to a more expansive setting. Its flexible nature allows growers to place it into other areas. Many experts suggest dividing the plant into different regions anyways, due to this increase the chances of having more left over when seasons are changing.


Texas sedge is a great sedge to plant around stepping stones. This sedge will also grow well in shaded areas. It prefers moist to well-drained soil conditions. This is a slow-growing sedge.