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Topiary Moss

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Topiary Moss-genus Sphagnum Hardy Planting Zones- any Sun or Shade – Full sun to Full Shade Mature Height - any Mature Width- any Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner to Experienced

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Topiary Moss

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Many people settle for unsatisfying gardens because they don't have a green enough thumb. Or would love to grow their topiaries but feel that it requires too much work. Building the plant and maintaining the shape can seem much too complicated. Topiary moss is the perfect solution to this problem!

Mosses are exceptionally easy to grow and maintain.

They don't need trimming or fertilizing. Topiary Moss love shade. There is virtually no weeding ever required. They are beautiful all year long and can withstand a wide variety of temperatures. Even snowfall won't hurt it! This is all possible because moss doesn't grow like the average plant. It has virtually no roots and gets everything it needs from the air. It is dense and stays short. All you must do is to put it in a shady place, provide acidic soil, if it is not already there, and mist it if the natural humidity is not currently high enough. Initial transplanting will require a lot of water, but that is all. Topiary mosses appear to be able to grow with a little help in any hardiness zone in the United States.

Topiary Mosses Are Great To Fill In Bald Spot In Lawns And To Make Topiary Designs.


Topiary mosses can be used to fill in spots in your garden that need an easy to maintain decoration. They are a staple in Japanese Zen gardens. It is possible to use moss as an alternative to grass to have a truly low maintenance lawn. Also, many people love to use topiary moss to create enduring and natural shapes of all kinds. A sophisticated and whimsical garden can be enjoyed with little effort with topiary moss.

Use the internet to explore the variety of topiary mosses, and try some in your garden or lawn. It may just be that the garden of your dreams is only a planting away.