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Water Oak

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Latin Name- Quercus nigra Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 50-80 ft Width- 50-80 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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The Water Oak- Quercus Nigra 

The Water Oak tree is native to North America and is found mostly in the south part of the country. It is considered medium-sized and used for shade or as an ornamental tree. The Water Oak is perfect for landscaping as they require little care. The drawback to planting them as shade trees or along streets is their lifespan is much shorter than other trees. The Water Oak can only be expected to live from thirty to fifty years.

This tree will do well in either full sun or partial shade and is considered an elegant looking addition to landscapes with its semi-evergreen color. While they may not live as long as other species, they do multiply. The Water Oak grows as much as twenty-four inches per year and reaches from fifty to eighty feet in height.

When first planting the Water Oak, it will need to be supported with a scaffold to keep it upright and to grow strong. Some trees will need staking and pruning to help them develop a sturdy trunk. They are an adaptable variety of tree and have had success growing in drought zones. They will even do well in areas with high pollution or poor air qualities.

The Water Oak will develop with a nice cone-shaped crown. Its bark will go from brownish black to a full scale look as it ages. The male species of this tree are not notable, however; the female tree flowers in spring with half-inch long acorns. Both male and female will develop leaves that grow from two to four inches in an oblong shape.

The acorns are a real treat for many of natures friends. The wild turkey, deer, quail, squirrels, raccoons and more will claim these acorns as their favorite food. During the winter, the deer will enjoy the stems and twigs, and if the stems hollow, they become home for animals and insects. These trees will thrive in compact or loose soil but do require sufficient moisture.

The Water Oak is a gorgeous and versatile deciduous that thrives in most North American terrain. It is tolerant of heavy, compacted soil as well as overly wet marshland. For its lush, green canopy that blazes orange and red in the fall, this medium-sized tree works well for shade. The Water Oak is unique in that it is considered an ornamental as well as a shade tree variety. It adds a unique visual appeal and robustness to landscaping projects. Perfect for those seeking to enhance their contribution to wildlife.