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Water Plaintain

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Botanical Name:
Alisma Subcordatum

Hardiness Zone:
zone 3-9

Mature Height:
1-2 ft

Mature Width:
6 inches

Growth Per Year:
1-2 ft

Light Requirement:
Full sunlight to partial shade

Soil Requirement:

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Water Plaintain – Alisma Subcordatum


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The Wonderful Water Plantain


The water plantain is an aquatic plant teeming with long branches that stick out all around it. Its trio of flowers with yellow stamen are usually white but sometimes pink and have a shape similar to a pinwheel. The bright flowers reach happily to the sun in an upright manner and almost appear to sparkle. They open in June and stay all through the summer. After the achenes ripen, they may float and spread across long distances. While the upper part of the plant is small and thin, the bottom has large ribbon-like, green/grey leaves that appear to protect or hold the rest in an embrace. The somewhat large lower leaves, which are eight to 25 centimeters long, soon rot and rarely make an appearance on the adult plant. When they exist, however, they are long-stalked, aerial and float above water almost in a propeller-like fashion. Although the bottom of the water plantain, with the bigger leaves which may have a strap shape, tends to be submerged, the top remains above it. Seeds are yellow or light pink to deep reddish-brown. This plant may be described as almost whimsical as it seems as though a fairy could land on it at any moment on a cold, unreal day in fantasy. When multiple water plantains are placed together in a garden the effect is visually stunning because of the quality of the clear watery depths. Soil disturbances and fluctuating water levels are not a problem for its strength. It can tolerate water of a 30-centimeter depth and likes to grow in wet, poorly drained soil. Borders of lakes and ponds are lovely areas for landscapers to put it as the beauty of the plant is almost unparalleled in these particular spots. The water plantain does well in full sun and will reach a height of one meter with a spread of 50 centimeters.


Water plantain comes in large and small sizes. The best habitat for Water plantain is shallow water and mud. This plant will also produce a flower on the large and small plants. The flower produced is a white flower with three petals. The flower size will differ between the large and small Water plantain. The Water plantain will bloom from June to September.