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Water Tupelo Live Stakes

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Nyssa Sylvatica Climate Zone: 4-9 Mature Height: 30-50 Feet Mature Width: 20-30 Feet Sunlight: Full Sunlight

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.



The Water Tupelo Tree naturally grows in damp soils. Not many are capable of surviving water inundation like the Water Tupelo tree also called Swamp Tupelo. Tupelo honey is famous and has appeared in song titles, movies, poems, and literature. The height and leaf-size of the Water Tupelo make it a great tree for creating deep shade near water. The colors of the leaves of the Water Tupelo (Sour Gum) Tree are beautifully colored and are sure to catch your eye. The Water Tupelo (Tupelo Gum) Tree has a swollen base, grows large and lives a long life in Southern swamps or floodplains, The Water Tupelo (Sour Gum) Tree often may be found growing in pure stands, and it grows anywhere from Virginia to Northwestern Florida and then westward to Texas, in a wide range of environments, even the swamps of the Deep South..