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This plant cannot be shipped to:
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 3-10
Mature Height:
1-2 ft
Mature Width:
3 cm
Growth Per Year:
1-2 ft
Light Requirement:
Full sunlight to partial shade
Soil Requirement:
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Watercress – Nasturtium Officinale



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Watercress - Nasturtium officinale


Watercress is one of humanity's oldest known salad greens. Its peppery flavored, deep green leaves are loaded with vitamins and minerals, making this aquatic vegetable a healthful addition to a water feature or container garden. The low-growing perennial is known to thrive in shady, slow-moving wetlands, but readily adapts to a backyard pond, tub, or even a bucket. It grows best in a creamy mixture of peat moss and composted soil. Its minimal nutrition requirements allow the plant to grow in pots with little fertilization needed. Cress is a water-loving salad green and must be kept moist at all times. It may thrive during periods of flooding, but even a short drought will prove detrimental. Mature watercress reaches heights and widths of ten inches. It blooms in the Summer, yielding prolific clusters of small white flowers with four petals. Keeping the plant pruned to four inches will discourage blossoming, which compromises the flavor. It tastes best during cool months but may be harvested year round in most climates. The plants are cold hardy to sub-zero temperatures as long as the submerged parts do not freeze or dry out. In Winter, they often provide a surprising pop of green through the snow, attracting deer and small creatures who enjoy nibbling the fresh salad. Snails, newts, and other water-borne life forms also love watercress, attracting many species of birds. Be sure to clean it well before eating. The tiny seeds, available in packs of 500 - 3200, are broadcast onto a bed of moist soil in cold temperatures of 50 - 60 degrees, Fahrenheit. They sprout in about five days and may be eaten as sprouts or planted for salad greens in a few weeks. Cuttings from adult plants may be rooted in water. Rooted plugs are shipped from the nursery, ready to grow, in moisture retaining packaging.


Watercress is known for its strong peppery flavor. The Watercress is used in salads due to being very high in vitamin C and minerals. This plant will grow well in very wet soil or even in a tray of water. The Watercress plant can also be grown indoors. This is a very hardy and strong plant. The scientific name for Watercress is Nasturtium officinale.