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White Pine Tree

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Pinus Strobus- Growth- Rapid- Mature Height- 60'- Zones 4-9

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The White Pine Tree


The White Pine tree is an oval-shaped evergreen that is very fast growing and can reach up to 80 feet in height when mature. It is also known as the Eastern White Pine, and they can comfortably live to be over 250 years old. The most common use for this magnificent White Pine is like a Christmas tree. The bluish-green needles of this tree are usually 2-5 inches long, extremely flexible and grow in bundles of five. As this tree matures, it loses its branches on the lower half of its trunk. In late spring to early summer, the White Pine blooms with delicate pink and yellow flowers. This tree also produces deep brown cones that can range from 6 to 8 inches long. The White Pine is the preferred nesting sites for such birds as the woodpeckers, doves, grackles, and chickadees. The pine seeds are now to attract wildlife from the Red Crossbill bird to the black bear. This hardy tree is very easy to transplant and is wind resistant. This makes the White Pine the perfect choice as a windscreen or privacy border, but it also looks just as elegant when it is standing alone.

The white pine tree grows best in full sunlight. White Pines start to produce seeds between three to five years old. White Pines can be expected to grow in Zones 3–8. This is an evergreen tree, keeping its foliage year-round. The White Pine grows best in acidic, moist, well-drained and dry soils. The tree can have been known to tolerate everything from dry, rocky ridges to bogs. These Trees are easy to transplant. They are used for windbreakers. Most people can identify the tree using needles, leaves, and cones to determine the species. Tree bark is a less common identifier given that it varies widely based on the age of a tree. White Pine Trees have very good lumber used for many different things starting all the way back from the British colonists. Its lumber was built for boats, cabins and many other items. It is still used today some of the same things.

Zone 3-8

Mature Width: 20-40 feet wide

Growth/Year: 25 feet

Sunlight: full sun or partial shade

Soil Conditions: various conditions including acidic, well-drained, moist, dry or wet soils

Botanical Name: Pinus Strobus
What is more, the White Pine trees, by nature, are resistant to fire, so matured, outlasting trees can be reseeded even if they are in burnt-out expanses. They also endure surface fires because of their unusual thick, fire-resistant bark.

Indeed, the White Pine trees are confirmed to a slew of uses, having been one of several most good lumber trees.