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White Violet

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White Violet - Viola blanda

The white violet, also known as the sweet white violet, comes from the plant family Violaceae. It is a perennial wildflower that can grow up to 6 to 12 inches in height and 9 to 12 inches in width. The five pedals in the flowers are often flexed and are white. The lower pedals contain thin purple veins with a yellow pistil. These small flowers typically grow during the spring and early summer time, during April, May, and June. They are generally ½ inches across. The leaves on the white violet are a basal and are heart-shaped and often form clusters. The leaves can also be rounded, blunted or pointed at the tip. The dark green leaves can be 2 ½ inches full once they mature and can often have hairs scattered across. The flower stalks often have a reddish tint to them. The white violet also contains hanging fruit, about ¼ inch long. These fruits contain small seeds that turn brown when they ripen. The white violet enjoys plenty of shade and plenty of sunlight as well. It has a light fragrant to it and can create a beautiful spring smell. The hardy in the zone for this plant can range from Zone 3 to Zone 8. This plant does not suit very well with climate changes. The white violet prefers well-drained rich, moist soil. It is shipped in bare root form. The flowers will be sure to attract butterflies. The white violet can create a wildflower look to any garden or landscape. It can be used as a mass group in shaded areas of rock gardens or bordered fronts. It can be planted in a path or in a rock garden where many people can view the small unique white flowers. If they look close enough, they might see the violet veins inside of the flower.

White Violet
Scientific Name: Viola tricolor, Heartsease, Johnny-Jump-Up, Love-In-Idleness
USDA Climate Zone: 4 - 8
Height: Three to five inches
Width: Four to six inches
Soil Type: Fertile, humus rich but well-drained soil in the garden
Sun: Full sun or partial shade

Viola tricolor is a tufted annual, biennial or shorted lived evergreen perennial. It has heart-shaped, toothed leaves that grow about one and a quarter inches long. It bears flowers from spring to summer with quarter inch long spurs. Though the flowers are short-lived, they self-seed very prolifically. The plant sometimes grows from a rhizome.

Finding small fields of the White Violet is rare. You can also look around ditches or along the roadside to see these rare but beautiful flowers.

They seem to like to grow under trees with an assortment of colors.