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White Violet

White Violet

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White Violet


White Violet
Scientific Name: Viola tricolor, Heartsease, Johnny-Jump-Up, Love-In-Idleness
USDA Climate Zone: 4 - 8
Height: Three to five inches
Width: Four to six inches
Soil Type: Fertile, humus rich but well-drained soil in the garden
Sun: Full sun or partial shade

Viola tricolor is a tufted annual, biennial or shorted lived evergreen perennial. It has heart-shaped, toothed leaves that grow about one and a quarter inches long. It bears flowers from spring to summer with quarter inch long spurs. Though the flowers are short-lived, they self-seed very prolifically. The plant sometimes grows from a rhizome.

Finding small fields of the White Violet are rare. You can also look around ditches or along the roadside to find these rare but beautiful flowers.

They seem to like to grow under trees with an assortment of colors.