Wildflowers Unlike Annuals Returns Every Year

4th Apr 2013

Wildflowers Are Super Hardy and Comes Back Every year

A wildflower is a term generally used to describe plants that grow in the wild in a certain area, although it really means plants that were not intentionally planted where they grow. Native species is another way to describe what are sold as wild flowers, and probably more useful as it distinguishes these native species from introduced or exotic species. Growing wildflowers or natives is a good way to get plants that are well suited to the local climate and conditions, and safer than introducing alien species that could prove to be invasive and take over your garden. Phlox, and blue cohosh are good examples of wildflowers. 

If you want to plant a wild flower meadow, the process is very straightforward. Choose an area that gets plenty of sunlight; if you don’t have a sunny area or want to plant you meadow in a shadier place then be sure to choose a suitable seed mixture. Prepare the area by pulling up everything that is currently growing; dig it all up and turn the soil over so that your new meadow won’t have any competition whilst it gets established. After you are sure that the last frost has passed then scatter your seeds across the area, mix sand in so that you can see where the seeds are going. Gently press the seeds into the soil by walking on them or using a seed roller for a bigger area. You will need to water the plants until they get to about six inches tall, after that they will be fine with just rain, unless you have a drought.

Wildflower mixtures contain all sorts of plants, but they will all be native. If you want to get faster results then plant some ready grown plants in your meadow; they will cost more than seeds but you will see results much faster. You can choose a wildflower mixture that is designed particularly for your region, which is a good plan as the plants will be ideally suited to the local climate. If you want a long lasting meadow make sure there are plenty of perennials in the mixture that you choose, and to extend the flowering season for your meadow plant some early flowering bulbs in with the rest of the mixture.

A wildflower meadow is a lovely and natural thing to own, and not only will you have a beautiful meadow but you will be providing a natural habitat for local animals as well.