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Witch Hazel Trees

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Maturity Height- 12-15 Feet, Hardy Zones 4-9, Grower- Beginner

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Witch Hazel Tree - Hamamelis Virginiana

 Witch Hazels are small trees which usually grow to a final height of between ten and thirty feet and are often as wide. This is a flowering tree, blooming between October and December. Each blossom presents in four narrow, ribbon-like petals ranging in color from yellow to orange to red and gives off a citrus scent. The leaves are broadly ovular, usually between two and six inches in length, and medium green color which turns to yellow in the fall. Because the trees bloom late in the year, Witch Hazel is a popular choice with all season gardeners looking to add a splash of color during those typically dull winter months. Witch Hazels require a winter chill to achieve full flowering and are sometimes referred to as "winter bloom." The fruits of the Witch Hazel are small capsules which split at maturity in the fall. Although these trees are not typically a draw to wildlife, the seeds released at this point may attract several species of birds. Witch Hazel does best in moist though well-drained, loamy, acidic soil. When given proper lighting, space, and soil, a gardener can expect a medium growth rate of one to two feet per year from these trees. They require little to no maintenance and are resistant to most diseases and pests. If desired, a gardener can keep them smaller with pruning. Pruning should be completed after the trees have finished blooming but before the summer, so the next year's buds are given the opportunity to develop fully. Witch Hazel trees are ornamental and often used as an understory or border plant in larger garden areas.

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Witch Hazel Trees are very unusual shrubs.  This shrub will bloom for you from October through December.  It will be beautiful and will bring lots of life to your gardens during these months.  You will love the flowers because they will be yellow with a little tint of red or orange.  This will make a great shrub for your gardens or around your home.