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Yellow Daylily

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Yellow Daylily

The Yellow Daylily is native to Asia. The Yellow Daylily is easy to cultivate and will survive with very little maintenance in a variety of climates. Soil should be fertile and have proper aeration The Yellow Daylily blooms in late summer and early fall, with slender, grass-like leaves. Leaves have a prominent spine at the bottom, at the midpoint. Yellow Daylily roots are thin, elongated and robust. The Yellow Daylily’s crown has a white center in the middle of the sources and the leaves. Each plant will generate several stalks with up to 12 buds. The blooms open one at a time and each flower live for just 24 hours, hence the common name of this flower. The perfect soil for ideal performance has sufficient aeration and good microbial activity.

Climate: 4-8

Mature Height: 40 inches

Sun: Full or partial sunlight

Soil: organic-rich

Botanical Name: Hemerocallis
The yellow daylily that you are planting in your lawn is the yellow version of the daylilies you already planted that we're this beautiful soft white. You also need to remember that you have a chance to bring in many colors because yellow is one of the many colors that you can pick out for this plant. Imagine what you can do with yellow because they will kind of look like sunflowers.

You can flood your garden with a lot of colors, and you will make it so easy for people to have in the garden that you will not even believe it. You also have to be sure that you have checked on the daylilies that you already have because you can mix in the white and red with this beautiful yellow plant. This is by far the most vibrant color that you can get, and you will find out pretty fast that you can get something that will match up with the color scheme you already picked out for the garden.